Who We Are

We are not your ordinary advertising specialty company. We have eliminated the middle man, which saves cost and time for our clients. We are driven by our clients, not the other way around. Your success is our success, so we tailor our product offerings and manufacturing processes to meet our client's needs. We continue to bring more manufacturing and services in-house to support client programs. We have engineers on staff who can manage tool and product design for your project. We have in-house graphic designers and web designers as well.


What Makes Xact Unique

Our in-house Customer Service, Manufacturing, Fulfillment, and Distribution means that your order is carefully watched over every step of the way until it reaches your door. Your organization has a dedicated representative who knows you and your branding standards. We know our manufacturing processes intimately and can recommend products and processes to achieve the best look for your logo. Our onsite manufacturing processes are streamlined, so your order is produced quickly and to our exacting standards. We can kit orders for special events and recognition. Also, your orders can be bulk shipped or split-shipped.

What Separates Us From Others


Other companies typically only specialize in one, maybe two, manufacturing methods. We have the highest quality machinery to print, embroider, and laser engrave on whatever you need. Xact really makes the possibilities endless when it comes to promoting your organization. So don't settle for just t-shirts, use Xact Xpressions.


This definitely makes our company unique. Not only are we able to produce unique products, we can showcase them through your own customized web store. Your members or employees can easily stock up on your organizations logo or designs at any time they want. Also, because the webstores display on any device, they can place their orders on the go. 


Special Techniques

We go out of our way to make every garment and product look its best. We hand-trim every embroidered peice and trim the jump-stitches. We have the most experieced silk-screen staff in Texas, who know how to select the best production process for your project. They also use special ink on polyester garments to guarantee the color is exact. 


Vector Art

Send us whatever artwork you have and we will create a vector file for it. A vector image is not made of pixels, rather it is a mathematical equation. This means there is absolutely no loss of resolution and can be expanded to any size. This technique ensures that the final product will be just how you wanted it. 


Production Proof

Most companies will just go ahead and print or embroider whatever image file you send them. We know it doesn't always come out the way you pictured, so we supply a digital proof for every project. Because we control manufacturing, we are capable of sending a production sample upon request. Our goal is for the finished product to be exactly as you envisioned it.



With Just-In-Time Manufacturing and quick turn times, warehousing is often not required. However, every situation is unique, so we do offer warehousing and fulfillment programs. If you believe you will need this service, please contact for more information.

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